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Saudi Arabia is a truly surprising country: it preserves an
immense heritage, natural desert, mountain and sea paradises, magical scenarios in an
almost science fiction context, solemnity of the infinite expanses of sand, unexpected
archaeological sites and an important historical reality; here was born and lived Muhammad,
prophet and messenger of God (Peace and blessing be upon him) and from here Islam spread
throughout the world.

The United Arab Emirates: as a country it is a luminous landscape, human and socio-technological fresco
of the three most intriguing principalities, among the seven that form the federation of the United Arab Emirates,

along the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, surrounded by the desert and washed by the sea.
Born in the then “Pirate Coast” where the main activity was the collection of pearls, with the discovery of
oil at the end of the 50s, the economic and cultural development has transformed the country into a
modern and advanced state, in the image and substance, in a setting of luxury and fun. On a

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